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The World Health Organisation predicts that workplace stress, depression and burnout will top the world’s most prevalent diseases by 2020.                                                                      

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Well+ provides personal and professional wellbeing services. We help leaders and their people beat the burnout by re-addressing the balance and pioneering: ‘The Pause’.  

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We offer  bespoke wellbeing services that encompasses consultancy on cultivating a wellbeing culture & strategy, ‘The Pause’ for super busy leaders & people, coaching & workshops.

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"Ria gave a keynote speech on the importance of wellbeing. The combination of Ria’s personal experiences and practical steps to take really helped our managers to understand a subject that is not only new to them, but culturally alien. The speech was inspiring whilst also being highly practical and useful. Thank you for helping to reframe why wellbeing is such an important consideration in the workplace”.

Natasha, HR Manager, CDK Global Practical Wellbeing Keynote - Reframing Workplace Wellbeing



We provide a variety of health, fitness and wellbeing workshops on themes that address a lot of the common challenges workplaces face today. We are seeing an increase in demand for our workshops in workplaces on resilience, energy, stress reduction, nutrition and fostering skills like mindfulness and meditation to enhance creativity, focus and decision making. 

Advisory and Key Note

We provide workplaces with advisory services and tools to help them address health and wellbeing in the workplace. It maybe a programme, initiative or a strategy. We work closely with Health and Safety, HR Teams and Business Leaders that want to address absence, performance or the overall organisational health. A healthy, human-centred workplace. 

The Pause

We host and facilitate the ‘Pause’. Whilst businesses have been busy getting stuff done, we’ve developed a programme that’s all about slowing down and pausing. The Pause is a new paradigm for management and leadership teams that want something different, something more from there ‘off-site’ meetings. A chance to tap into more creativity, better decision making and harnessing the strengths of the team. Pause takes place in nature, at special locations exclusive to us around the world. Is it time you and your team  ‘paused’ to take stock of the direction you are heading in?

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