You feel tangled and stretched. We need to unravel where you’ve been, to get you to where you want to be.


Our coaching allows you to dive deeper in a 1:1 or very small group situation. Perhaps you feel like you’re coming undone or that your hectic life is getting on top of you? Lots of individuals can easily become frayed and face burning out unless they take a pause. Our coaching offers a bespoke discovery to uncover what you need, to help you get back on top.

The Instant Pause

We host and facilitate the ‘Pause’ – A program for super busy people, or those ready for a change to pause. It is a simple yet powerful process that has supported us time and time again in our lives. We’ve used it at those times when we’ve felt confused when we’ve looked in the mirror and can no longer see the real person. When our zest for life has disappeared – slipping away almost unnoticed, this process has helped us see options that we didn’t know existed. We have also used it when we’ve been ripe and ready for a change. Standing on the edge of something truly exciting and wanting some direction and clarity before we leap. We teach you the everyday practices to create the mental space you need to thrive, accompanied by the book ‘Pause’ to support on going personal reflection.


Together we will review and transform your health and fitness, both personally and professionally. You are here because you have tried every diet, lifestyle change, new years resolution going. In your first session, we review where you are against four distinct areas of health and discover the areas that need attention. This is followed up with a face-to-face, or Skype call to discuss the results, recommendations and agree on an approach that can be woven into your personal and professional life. There are no magic tricks, short cuts or quick fixes. If you are looking to transform your health, then we share daily practices that allow changes to unfold. You will have access to a team of health and fitness professionals to support you achieve the healthy life you intend to live.

Conquer Getaways

You’ve reached this page and we know you are seeking ways to build healthier habits to either lose weight, feel better about yourself, feel calmer and manage stress. The way of living can be all consuming and frantic and we get it, an endless treadmill. Both Kate Taylor and Ria Ingleby have spent 15 years working in corporate businesses, whilst creating and building healthy habits around their own jobs that often involved longs periods of sitting at desks, or in meetings. Working at break neck speed to hit deadlines or last minute requests whilst juggling work and life.

Our Conquer Getaway is deliberatly held in the country, where life slows down, surrounded by space. Our time together is about discussing what is real for for you individually, integrating healthier ways to  live, eat, move and rest to support your whole self and in turn the people you need to support. We do this across four workshops, and four feasts rustled up by Kate Taylor, Registered Assoc. Nutritionist. We gather for dinner on the Saturday and encourage time to savour, talk, rest and relax. This is a getaway for reflection and action on what you need to change to feel and be healthy.

We host the Conquer Escape at the stunning Sheepdrove Organic Farm, nestled in the Wessex Downs with over 2500 acres to explore.

Each event is bespoke to the group. You may be a group of friends, colleagues, management or leadership team – you are all welcome. Get in touch to find out more and book your place. 


I can't recommend Ria highly enough. She has proven to be a huge asset to us and has been instrumental in building the community of our successful Methodology X workout programme. This workout product would not be where it is today we have without her help. Integrity, authenticity, and passion for living the athletic life are a must - and Ria has these qualities and more. She is a creative, hardworking, intelligent and kind. I am so grateful for her energy and ideas and am proud to have her represent my company and workout brands. She is the perfect Ambassador of wellbeing.

Dan Roberts, Founder of Dan Roberts Group

I felt permanently tired, experiencing total burnout, steadily gaining weight and losing sleep. I had no idea how to start to change things and I had tried pretty much everything I could think of with little effect. I was pleasantly surprised by the insights that she had on me in that first hour and I left feeling enthusiastic and motivated. It's surprised me how much I have been able to tweak my daily routine to incorporate those changes when I had thought I had no time, no energy or headspace for anything new. I cannot recommend Ria enough, she is so knowledgeable and perfectly combines holistic and scientific thoughts and ideas. I genuinely cannot wait to discover my potential through her guidance!

Lisa C, MaidenheadFrom burnout to balance

I first met Ria through joining her exercise class Methodology X. I realised exercise was such a small part of Ria's expansive knowledge of health and wellbeing. She is completely engaging, friendly and easy to talk to. She always backs up her recommendations with scientifically proven information, which I love! As well as giving you realistic goals to work towards. I always leave the sessions feeling inspired and motivated to put things into action and I am always excited for the next session. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to change the way they think about health and wellbeing, from exercise to sleep and nutrition and much more she has it all covered!

Michelle H, Newbury

"This day totally exceeded my expectations. Amazing to take time out with such a group of #inspirational ladies. An honour to spend a day in their company.

Claire McVinney, Winchester Dropbox for the Mind!

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