Well+ Women Masterclasses

Our Well+ Women Challenge runs four times a year for women seeking a better way of feeling, living and loving life! I used these steps to help recover from cancer and burnout and unlike many other programmes that tell you what to eat, do, live, this programme is designed to tap into your own intuition of what you need in a holistic way.

In partnership with Kaido, we have set up our own Well+ Women team trailblazing our own path. With the support of Rich and his team, we will be taking part in different challenges throughout the year. January’s theme is ‘Around the World in 60 days’.

Some of you may know, but Kaido’s literal meaning is ‘a road or a journey’. We are committed to taking every Well+ Women and Kaido Wellbeing member on a personalised journey to improved Health and Wellbeing.

The Well+ and Kaido Wellbeing programme has been formulated by experts in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Behaviour Change. Over the 60 days, you will be encouraged to think about your Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Mental Health and Mindset as part of 4 x 14-day cycles* and 4 Masterclasses hosted live and recorded by Ria Ingleby.

Weeks 1 – 2

We start with our first Masterclass ‘Basecamp + Beyond’ and the challenge will focus on Physical Activity and posture.

Weeks 3 – 4

Our second Masterclass will focus on the mind ‘Mastering the calm and chaos’. We will explore beliefs, resilience (our natural state) and being more present.  This particular cycle of the 60-day challenge is also delivered in partnership with Mind and using apps such as Headspace.

Weeks 5 – 6

Our third Masterclass is all about energy – where you get it from and within the challenge we will be introduced to Nutrition and Sleep with mini nutrition challenges. Recipes can be downloaded from the Hub you will gain access to.

• Week 6 – 8

Our final masterclass ‘Prep like a Pro’ is all about harnessing what you have learnt and the challenge will help us all focus on our ‘maintenance’cycle and the positive changes we have made to ensure you have the tools to maintain your newfound healthy habits.

Throughout the 60-day challenge, you will also have access to our ‘Healthy Habits Series’ delivered by Kaido’s Behavioural Psychologist Heather Mckee. We will evaluate existing habits and most importantly given the tools to create long-lasting habit change through goal setting, relapse prevention and maintenance.

I have personally curated a lot of the tools, experiences and resources we use within the Masterclasses. I’ve spent nearly five years with my head in books, practically applying knowledge to my own life and clients I work with and seeking awesome partners to create an end to end holistic experience.

You will receive the following:

  • Welcome pack – delivered to your mailbox, not inbox!
  • 4 x 1-hour Masterclasses LIVE and Recorded on Thursdays 8 pm GMT  (Dates to be confirmed on booking)
  • Access to the Kaido 60-day Challenge as part of our team of ten
  • Online questionnaires and tools relevant for you
  • Private community on our integrated platform, away from social media
  • Friday power-hour between 12-1pm. I will be online available for any questions, or support you require via the Members Area.
  • Resource Support via our Well+ Women Members Area

Our mission to help you juggle life and work, commitments and self-care, loved one’s needs and your need to believe in yourself. We look forward to you being part of our team, creating a life-changing lifestyle for holistic wellness and living. See you at Basecamp!

Client Testimonial

“Thank you Ria, the Masterclasses has already made a huge difference to my lifestyle. This is something I will continue in my day to day life developing myself becoming the woman I once was and know I can be again. Thank you for giving me that confidence and for finally making me thing about me!!”

Nay, Wiltshire

Client Testimonial

“Ria’s passion for wellbeing and proving the resources for women was very clear from the word go! I decided to sign up to the master classes at the right for me and has helped me massively. The resources and topics covered made absolute sense. Very encouraging to know areas covered resonated with the group in some way. The lovely ladies sharing their experience realised I was not alone. The delivery and presentation from Ria was one of an extremely informal, engaging and safe space and would encourage anyone to sign up to the master classes or work with Ria with any other services provided through her business.”

Tracey S

The Four Steps

Our Four Masterclasses cover the 4-steps to life-changing lifestyles for holistic wellness and living.

1. Basecamp & Beyond

  • Your bricks of beliefs
  • What is your basecamp? What’s and who are in it? Needs of your basecamp and beyond…
  • First steps…

This is a week all about perspective and inspiration 

2. Calm & Chaos 

  • The balancing act
  • Your energy balance
  • Opposites attract in work & life

This is a week all about acknowledging that life is constantly moving, merging and flowing and either we can work with it, or against it. The calm and chaos!

3. Finding your Power Pack

  • We visit our Be | Change | Become model
  • Questionnaire to help you navigate where you are
  • The best and worst case

This week is focusing in on where you want to go for the first phase of exploring what it takes to feel well, happier, healthier. Your choices, chances and changes. I supply the compass to keep you heading north!!

4. Prep like a Pro!

  • Placeholders for the weeks ahead
  • Priorities & principles
  • Basecamp – the final check

Our final masterclass is ensuring that you have what you need for this next part of your journey. A week full of inspiration, celebration and the knowledge that you really do have the power within !