More than just the mind

By October 9, 2017Wellbeing

A wholehearted ode for unity


In this world we live in today, our heads are often leading the way

Is there no wonder they spin and break when our whole approach is to segregate

Matters of the mind can be dealt with here and bodily parts form an orderly queue there.

With a fiery head and a deflated heart, why do we keep on talking about the parts

Let’s share an exchange, go on a discovery, our mind and body is our ultimate destiny

Buckle up tight, wait for the emotion, its all part of your grandest ocean

The rise and fall of the body breath dictates our journey on this quest

Now use your eyes, your ears, your sense of smell, remember, stay here, just for now

Watch and wait, observe the flow, integration is the way to go

The well within you is the well within me,

It is the sum of our eternity.


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