Meet Our Partners

We work with some of the leading figures from the world of wellbeing to bring you the best wellbeing solution possible. Click on the pictures below to meet some of them.

Kate Taylor

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Kate's love of all things food come from her Aussie heritage with food being integral to her upbringing, and in 2011 she decided to make her passion her career. Kate completed her bachelors degree in human nutrition and sports science at London Metropolitan University and has since attained several fitness qualifications as she firmly believes the link to food and movement is pivotal in achieving a balanced lifestyle. After spending the last six years working for a niche caterer, her exposure to large corporate businesses and various client wellbeing strategies has given her insight to various approaches being taken for optimum health at work. She has a clear approach of how to use both food and movement to fuel a busy lifestyle, taking into account all her client's requirements and ensuring her advice has sound evidence based backing. Based in London, Kate specialises in food education, weight management, movement and performance and brings her clients, both individual and corporate, innovation from the ever emerging health industry. Kate is registered with the Association for Nutrition and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Danielle Marchant

Executive Coach & Founder of Life by Danielle and The Pause Retreats

Danielle Marchant has a long work history as a successful executive coach in the corporate industry, working with top-level executives at companies such as HSBC, McKinsey Unilever and SAP. She has more than 13 years experience working with leaders in 20 different countries; and spent 3 years living and working in Asia, where she set up a pioneering coaching company and an award winning change management consultancy. After learning that goals and ambitions could be just as happily and successfully achieved when simply allowing the body and mind to pause, she adapted her coaching style with both personal and corporate clients to flow rather than fight against the ups and downs of life.

The Dan Roberts Group

Premium Fitness & Wellbeing

The Dan Roberts Group provides premium fitness and wellbeing solutions, including personal training in London and New York, retreats in Miami, to at home workouts and group exercise classes. There unique approach mixes advanced, intelligent and holistic athletic protocols with a caring philosophy. The team provide transformational programmes targeted at Executives with an advanced health assessment by Viavi Health Evaluation. Arguably the most advanced health assessment currently available in the world. Follow the team @teamdanroberts.

Dept Store for the Mind

Discover Your Inner Landscape

The Department Store for the Mind is a place to explore the world inside your head: a vast and unique terrain of thoughts, ideas, emotions and memories. We think the journey into our own minds is the most challenging but worthwhile adventure any of us can embark on. As with any great adventure, it helps to have good kit. Their products are designed to help you navigate your inner landscape, discovering and celebrating your best capacities. Follow the team @storeforthemind and tell them whatever's on your mind.

Cesar Gamio

Wellbeing Specialist & Executive Life Coach

César is a Senior Chopra Center for Wellbeing Certified Instructor, a Certified Corporate Wellness Solutions Specialist by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (U.S.A). César is also an Executive Life Coach certified by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and serves as Senior Advisor to the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership with based in London.

Gymnast Jobs

Reforming the workplace

Gymnast Jobs comprises of two sisters, based in Reading who are championing the reform of the workplace. They are helping employees and employers put wellbeing and flexibility firmly in the centre and by doing so everyone wins. When this happens you get great work, a great life and a great balance. Jess and Emily are creating a community of like-minded people who want to do fantastic work but not chained to a desk from 9-5, if you'd like to join them they'd love to hear from you at

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