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We focus on the holistic experience of your people in the workplace to create healthy practices, sustainable performance and engagement in response to the stress and burnout energy crisis we are seeing unfold. No one prepared us for this, yet it is our reality. It’s time to address energy, as well as engagement in the workplace.

We are in a time where competition is tough, the ‘goodwill’ from your people helps you through busy periods, both time and energy management is critical in managing your cash flow and stress continues to be the biggest workplace issue. Your investment in creating and maintaining an energised workplace and healthy staff are at the heart of your business growth. It’s time to beat the burnout.

At Well+, we are on a mission to create a health movement, which is more diverse than providing an onsite Gym or running a wellness workshop. We want to evolve the way we work in the UK, transforming one workplace at a time, creating healthier habits and better ways of working, which results in a thriving, vibrant place to work that boosts morale, fosters creativity, enhances performance, attracts and retains happy, healthy people playing to their strengths and talents.

Our approach is bespoke and designed for your workplace. Our background and experience is a result of over 15 years of working within the corporate sector. We recognise the challenges that you and your people face on a daily basis and therefore use well-respected methods, spanning Organisational Development, Training, Leadership Development and our own respected Well+ Method to transform organisations.

We look for opportunities to go stealth for health by embedding energy habits into your existing working practices. We find ways to merge into meetings, lead with your leaders, morph into management training, cultivate energizing environments to work in, immerse with induction and connect with your community initiatives. Ultimately what we do adds to what you currently have.

Addressing it is not a tick box or a new standalone project. What we provide becomes your new and better way of working. Integrating and innovating as we go. Wellness is not rocket science, we all get the what and the why. Often it is how you do it and that’s why the team at Well+ persist to exist.

If you are looking to change the way your business operates and energise your people then we would love to hear from you.

So passionate about Health and Wellbeing and it is at the forefront of developing thinking, strategy and employee engagement in this area. Driven, creative, balanced and ambitious - the perfect blend of well-honed skills to challenge the corporate status quo, improving ENPS results, loyalty, trust and productivity. This shone through in our work on the Pause.

David Langhorn, Head of Regional Enterprise, Vodafone UK

Ria has proven herself to be an effective strategist with excellent pragmatic insight into the wellbeing needs of companies at an organisational, team and individual level. One element of our collaborative working has been the design and delivery of both Mental Health training and resilience workshops. Her balanced approach to being compassionate, ethical and evidence based whilst ensuring return on value for companies is at the core of all her input and shines throughout the development, implementation and operational aspects of health and well-being services delivered.

Jane Muston, BABCP, Accredited Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer, RN, PG Dip, PGCAP, Bsc (Hons) Dip MH and Clinical Director.

I can't recommend Ria highly enough. She has proven to be a huge asset to us and has been instrumental in building the community of our successful Methodology X workout programme. This workout product would not be where it is today we have without her help. Integrity, authenticity, and passion for living the athletic life are a must - and Ria has these qualities and more. She is a creative, hardworking, intelligent and kind. I am so grateful for her energy and ideas and am proud to have her represent my company and workout brands. She is the perfect Ambassador of wellbeing.

Dan Roberts, Founder of Dan Roberts Group

“It’s unusual to encounter someone with such outstanding qualities like Ria. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Ria, during her time as Head of
Wellbeing for Vodafone UK, as a partner to their delivery of wellbeing services.

I was particular blown-away by her passion and knowledge of health and wellbeing, that combined with her background in learning and development led to a truly outstanding ‘Employee Wellbeing’ strategy paper. Ria’s capability to cut through the rhetoric and to frame the context and direction was beautiful in its simplicity but sufficiently detailed to give perspective. Putting employees at the heart of the solution to help them to be at their best both at work and home and to cover all aspects of health and wellbeing was innovative and exciting.

Ria’s energy, candid approach and openness to feedback would be a benefit to any organisation and she comes with my genuine recommendation”.

Craig Miskin, Capital Wellness Projects Manager
Featured Programme

The Wellbeing Ambassador

Wellbeing Ambassadors provide support across the business by promoting events, initiatives and proactively contributing to cultivate a workplace that allows people to be healthy in their roles. These people are vital to your success and also need support and guidance.

It’s important that these individuals hold the delicate balance of understanding their own health needs and role modelling for others, without judgement or feeling they need to be the ‘expert’.

Often people feel called to be part of positive change because they recognize the importance of both being well and its positive effects on performance and engagement in the workplace as well as wishing to support others.

The role of an Ambassador provides a parallel journey of both supporting their own well-being through enhanced knowledge and support, as well as sharing and role modelling that for others. We believe these qualities are important to be a successful Well-being Ambassador:

– Interest in personal development and wellbeing

– Personable, compassionate and aware of their own resilience (natural balance)

– Great communicators and listeners

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24th January 2019
Well+ Women Online Masterclass - Self Care to support balancing work + life

The Well+ Method

The Well+ Method™ will maximize the health of your people and your business. It’s flexible, measurable and will deliver results. We help you connect people and join the dots with your existing wellbeing offer, or your plans to integrate it within your business.

The Well+ Method™ provides bespoke wellbeing services including diagnostics, two-way conversations with your people as part of our Organisational Design and Development methodology,  creating a wellbeing strategy, bespoke plans, branding and communication collateral that supports culture change, reduces absence, increases engagement and retains talent.

We know what it takes because we have built it with the support of some of the best health and wellbeing professionals in the public and private sector. We are unconventional and sustaining in our approach because we work with specialists in each area of wellbeing to bring you the best comprehensive package for your people and workplace.

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